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An Urban Pool has never been more affordable!


Every Australian’s dream is to have a swimming pool in their backyard to share with family and friends. However with house blocks becoming smaller, the dream of a traditional pool just can’t be realised.

An Urban Pool is the solution you’re looking for! Eliminating the issues of space restrictions of today’s yards whilst providing all year round use.

With sizes ranging from 4m up to 5.8m, holding 5,000 to 8,000 litres of water, an Urban Pool is the most cost effective solution to achieving The Australian Dream Backyard.

Why Urban Pool?

Australian Designed and Made


Fully built and designed in Australia and come ready to install saving you time and money.

Shorter Install Time


Being designed to fit, Urban Pools take up less space and can be installed in hours as opposed to months or even years.


5X Faster Heating


Urban Pools need only 6,000 litres of water as opposed to 30,000 - making it the most efficient pool on the market.



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